Are You A Remoaner? If So, It’s Your Fault The UK Is Delayed In Getting Out Of The EU According To This Woman

By NewsRoom24 on September 22nd, 2017 / Views
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The EU was labelled a “totalitarian socialist bureaucracy” by a Question Time audience member who delivered a brutal takedown on “whingeing” Remoaners last night.

The elderly Brexiteer was frustrated with the slow pace of negotiations with Brussels and attacked those who “cannot get to grips with the future”.

To a resounding round of applause she ended her diatribe by declaring: “I’ve only got one life – I’m going to get on with it thank you very much.”

It comes as Theresa May gears up to deliver her keynote speech on Brexit in Florence as she tries to break the deadlock over the so-called EU “divorce bill”.

Appearing on the show, which was filmed in Bridgwater in Somerset, the woman said: “I voted Brexit, because I’ve been doing my homework myself on the EU for about ten years.”

She attacked Brussels, saying: “The EU is basically a totalitarian socialist bureaucracy, top-down regulation. No future there.

“I think European countries realise what the bottom line for England is, control of our borders and control of our legal system.

“What I ask myself, having worked in Paris years ago, does the EU, Brussels, actually do negotiation?”

Turning her fire on Europhiles closet to home, she said: “Some of the negative Remoaners – not all Remainers are Remoaners – but the certain element that cannot get to grips with the future

“We’ve got to pull together and look forward and see the opportunities. Its taking a positive view rather than a negative view of life.”

“And I’m tired of the kind of whingeing about everything, it’s always someone else’s fault, the government has to do it.

“I’ve only got one life I’m going to get on with it thank you very much.”

The show aired less than 24 hours before the Prime Minister appears at the Santa Maria Novella in the ancient Tuscan city to make an offer to EU leaders.

She is set to pledge to paying into the Brussels coffers for two more years and abide by its laws in exchange for complete freedom and a jumbo trade deal afterwards.

It is her bid to break the deadlock in exit talks, as well as the result of a major compromise deal between factions in her Cabinet who have been warring all summer.

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