Mom & Her Boyfriend In Double Suicide Lay Dead For Days While Her 4 Children Played In Same House

By NewsRoom24 on September 28th, 2017 / Views
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Four kids lived with their mum and her partner’s rotting corpses for days thinking they were just “asleep and cold” after the pair killed themselves, it has emerged.

The youngsters, aged between five and 13, did not raise the alarm because they did not realise the couple were dead.

The youngsters stayed with the bodies for five days in the town of La Zarza-Perrunal, in south-western Spain’s Huelva province.

Authorities were only notified when one of the children told a neighbour their mum had been sleeping for a few days.

The shocked neighbour, who was also the landlord, called emergency services who raced to the property.

When cops arrived on the scene, they were reportedly greeted by a “strong smell” in the house.

They soon discovered the bodies of Rocio Aguilar and her partner Jose Antonio.

A probe found the pair had killed themselves by overdosing on medication.

The owner of a nearby hostel, named as Isabel, told El Mundo she suspected the couple were drug addicts after the family arrived in town just weeks ago.

She is quoted as saying: “They were running from something, I do not know what.”

Isabel reportedly said the kids were living in squalid conditions.

She told the Spanish paper: “They had some mattresses on the floor and they had no water or anything to drink, to wash the children they used wipes.”

The children are believed to have told care workers they were “used” to feeding and dressing themselves which is why they did not notice their mum and step-dad were dead.

It is believed the children were known to social services.

Cops had checked on the home days earlier after the boys’ school raised concerns, according to reports.

But officers are said to have left after the children told them their mum was asleep.

All of the boys were immediately taken into care after the grim discovery, where they currently remain.

It is believed the biological dad of three of the four youngsters is now trying to get custody of all of them.

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