Donald Trump Set To Visit UK in 2018 But Won’t Be Meeting The Queen

Donald Trump will visit the UK in early 2018 but not as a state visit and he will not meet the Queen, reports claim.

Theresa May sparked huge controversy when she offered the US President a state visit as a guest of the Queen on a trip to Washington shortly after he was inaugurated where they were pictured holding hands.

Following protests and objections, including from Commons speaker John Bercow, the honour, which is usually reserved for a leader’s second term, was suspended but is still expected to take place at a later date.

Instead of being granted a reception with the Queen, the billionaire’s trip will take the form of a ‘working visit’ and US diplomats are working through the finer details, according to the Evening Standard.

Trump has already visited a number of other nations as president, including Paris where he endured an awkward handshake with Emmanuel Macron and the Vatican, where he met Pope Francis.

Downing Street declined to comment but has said that its position has not changed since the offer was extended and accepted. More to follow.

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