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37 Times Parents Have Proved That They Were Way Cooler Than Their Kids

By NewsRoom24 on October 12th, 2017 / Views
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Everyone is obsessed with vintage clothing and hobbies these days, especially from the 60s. Back then kids played outside and didn’t have computers or mobile phones to keep them entertained.

What most people don’t realise is that their parents were the ones that started off certain trends that we now love. From skateboarding to riding around in a set of wheels, a lot of these pastimes are still very popular today.

Internet users are now starting to share pictures of their parents when they were probably a lot more cooler than they are now. Below you will find 37 images of people’s parents when they were living life to the max.

1: Mom skateboarding in California in 1974

2: Dad cooking a BBQ on top of a submarine

3: Dad skateboarding at Hyde School in 1982

4: Dad sculpting a bust of mom in the 80’s

5: Mom when she was 16 yrs old posing with her Camaro in 1975

6: Dad’s friend sticking his middle finger up at a KKK member in 1975

7: Dad being way cooler than his kids will ever be in 1975

8: A tank instructor mom in 1974

9: Picture of Dad that appeared in surfer magazine in Peru, 1977

10: Dad posing on motorbike in 1960’s

11: Mom looking like a spy in Moscow, 1975

12: Dad aged 11 with his own car bought from money earned from farming around 1949

13: Dad doing some cool moves on a skateboard in 1977

14: Dad working as a US military diver in the 70’s

15: Dad enjoying some skiing in the 70’s

16: Dad teachings maths at school in late 70’s/early 80’s

17: Mom taking a selfie in 1989

18: Mom posing with her husky pup in Alaska

19: Mom and dad on wedding day – 1980

20: Dad carrying beers whilst riding a unicycle – 1980’s

21: Mom’s ‘weed’ garden in the 80’s

22: Dad looking cool while holding ‘Magic Johnson’

23: Son looking up at his fighter pilot dad – late 80’s

24: Mom working at NASA in the 70’s

25: Mom skateboarding with a broken wrist during the 70’s

26: Dad on horseback in Alaska, circa 1980’s

27: Mom sitting in a F-4 Phantom back in 1980’s

28: Mom beating a group of boys in a pie eating contest around 1950

29: Dad posing in France during the 70’s (Ryan Gosling lookalike!)

30: Dad on album cover photo shoot in 1982

31: Mom and Dad getting romantic in Greece during the summer of 1985

32: Acrobatic dad and his cousins

33: Dad winning a Shelby GT500 car at the age of 16 in 1967

34: Dad training seals for the navy

36: Cool dad posing by his car aged 19 – circa 1973

36: Dad with his pet monkey in Vietnam, 1966

37: Mom posing with her Fleetwood Mac tank top at 18 yrs old during 1982

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