Dog Has Half Its Nose Bitten Off In Fox Hunt And Is Found Abandoned And Tied To Tree

By NewsRoom24 on October 13th, 2017 / Views
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A pet dog was tied to a tree and abandoned by his owner after being seriously injured ‘during a fox hunt’. The Lurcher cross was first discovered by a member of the public on Monday in Worsthorne, Lancashire, at around 6am.

He had been tied to a tree and had ‘horrific’ injuries to his face, ears, body and lower limbs – and his nose had been partially severed. When the member of the public returned to the scene three hours later, they found the hurt dog still tied up – and decided to cut him free. RSPCA inspectors are now appealing for information, stating the dog’s injuries are consistent with having been used for hunting.

Inspector Lyndsey Taylor said: ‘Seeing him again at 9.30am, a member of the public went to investigate and found him to have numerous injuries. ‘They cut him free and took him to a local vets who then reported him to us.

‘He has a recent and severe injury to his nose, and injuries to his muzzle, ears, body and lower limbs, which is a tell tale sign of him having been used for hunting, but is also covered in older wounds and scars.

‘He also has an injured front leg which he can’t put weight on, long nails and pressure sores on his hind legs. He’s in a terrible state.’ The dog, who has not been named, is described as a large neutered male, brindle and white in colour, aged around four-years-old. He was not wearing a collar and was not microchipped as is required by law.

RSPCA inspector Taylor added: ‘The injuries sustained by this dog are horrific. ‘He is suffering, and has clearly suffered repeatedly, as a result of his owner’s desire to inflict pain and suffering on other animals, likely foxes, who have no doubt also suffered a great deal.

‘We believe the most recent injuries were caused sometime between Tuesday, September 26 and Friday, October 6. ‘I am particularly keen to hear from anyone who saw this dog in the area sometime during the evening of Sunday, October 8 and the early hours of Monday, October 9, but also if anyone recognises this dog or has noticed a dog like this no longer living in an enclosure or back yard.

‘I’m happy to say that this poor lad is responding very well to treatment. ‘He is receiving lots of care and attention and should make a full recovery, although he will be badly scarred from these injuries.’ Anyone with any specific information is asked to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for inspector Taylor.

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