Strange ‘Ghost Car’ Appears From Nowhere And Causes Crash Leaving Viewers Puzzled And Shocked

By NewsRoom24 on October 19th, 2017 / Views
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A Mysterious “ghost car” caused a crash after appearing from nowhere in a video that has left viewers baffled.

Footage of the bizarre smash has viewers scratching their heads, trying to work out why the vehicle cannot be seen until the last possible moment.

Viewers have been searching for clues, studying the video which was shot on a dashcam in the city state of Singapore in south-east Asia.

The clip shows a motorist in a white car sat at a junction, about to make a right turn.

They can be seen attempting the manoeuvre as the traffic lights change, indicating that it is safe to do so.

It appears that the road is clear with no obstacles preventing the car from completing the turn.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, until another car suddenly appears in the middle of the road.

The silver car can only be seen at the last possible moment, zooming in front of the other motorist.

The white car brakes but is unable to avoid hitting the side of the other vehicle.

Footage shows the silver car veering off as the driver struggles to keep control following the impact.

Viewers of the clip have been left confused as there is no sign of the silver car before the crash.

Many people have watched the footage on repeat, trying to see where the car comes from.

One called Elfie De Souza said: “Seriously I kept repeating the video, it seems the car appears out of nowhere.”

While another called Jacky Tong Liang added: “This is really weird. Played it a few times and still cannot figure out where the car comes from.”

The mysterious video has caused some to speculate that the accident might have been caused by a “ghost car”.

But others have suggested that the position of the white car may have blocked the camera, preventing it from capturing the other motorist’s approach.

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