Indian Guru Predicted Mother Of Two Would Die From Putting Her Head Through Railings And Getting Stuck

By NewsRoom24 on October 20th, 2017 / Views
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A mum of two died when she poked her head through railings fitted to her top-floor flat’s window and got stuck – in a tragedy predicted by an Indian guru.

Smoker Kimmy Varma, 64, is thought to have been leaning out to have a cigarette.

She frantically battled to free herself by grabbing at the curtains, an inquest was told. But her neck was trapped by a curve in the ­ornamental bars and she choked to death.

A jogger spotted her two hours later in Cheltenham, Gloucs. A cop who broke in found the curtain rail’s screws pulled out. The houseproud mum, who was estranged from her husband, was said by her family to have been reluctant to smoke inside.

A pathologist said she had also been drinking, which may have affected her ability to free herself.

The mum’s shattered daughter Pia later told how a fortune-teller predicted the bizarre ­tragedy weeks earlier.

An aunt rang her from India to pass on a warning to stay away from railings “or something bad would happen”.

The daughter said: “I never told my mum, but about a month before her death my aunt in India rang me to say she had been visiting a pundit who warned that mum should stay away from railings or something bad would happen to her within the month.

“It’s really eerie.”

Kimmy’s estranged husband Anil said he believed she had leaned out through the railings to have a cigarette because she was fastidious about keeping her flat clean and smoke-free.

He said: “She had been drinking and she could not handle alcohol very well.

“It was such an unusual thing to happen and a real tragedy for the family.”

PC Jason Parker said he was called to the incident and as soon as he arrived two female joggers pointed up to the window where he could see a person’s head. He used his ‘enforcer’ to break down the main door of the block and then the front door of Mrs Varma’s home, he said.

“I went into the living room and pulled the curtains and saw that it was a female,” he stated. “Her head was lodged between a vertical bar and another one which arced to the left. Rigor mortis had already set in.

“I tried to lift her off the railings but she was too heavy and her neck was stuck in the groove in the railings. ”

Gloucester coroner Caroline Saunders ruled the death an accident.

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