Woman Filmed Dragging Her Child Through The Streets Of Liverpool After He Fell Over

By NewsRoom24 on October 26th, 2017 / Views
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Horrible footage has been taken showing a woman apparently dragging a young boy through the streets of Liverpool.

The boy lies almost in a foetal position as he is pulled along the road with his harness or reins by a woman, believed to be his mother.

He is so motionless that some have suggested that it may be actually be a doll and it is a sick prank. However, Joe Cain who filmed the incident told the Echo:

‘Basically, I was walking through town and the kid fell over and then the woman saw the kid had fallen but kept on walking.

‘The kid seemed fine with everything to be honest, it was people who saw it that seemed worse off. She walked on like that for a while.

‘It sort of caught everyone off guard really, nobody knew what to say or do.

I thought she was messing, but then she turned around, saw the kid there and kept on going. It was very rough.’

The woman was filmed outside TK Maxx in Basnett Street in Liverpool’s city centre and appears to be holding a child’s rucksack in her left hand.

It is unclear whether the incident has been reported to police.

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