Man Filmed Trying To Teach His Dog The Alphabet & Beating It When It Gets It Wrong

By NewsRoom24 on October 31st, 2017 / Views
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A raging man repeatedly slapped his dog on the face for not being able to recite the alphabet.

Distressing footage filmed the “bully” violently striking the dog, as he lost his temper trying to teach it, before he held its paw down and hurled abuse.

The video starts with man slapping the dog, as he says, “A for apple. B for ball”.

But he suddenly launches a tirade of slaps against the confused animal, shouting and swearing as it struggled to pay attention.

The poor pooch appeared to try to retaliate, baring its teeth, but the man continues to shout and point at the notebook.

As the slaps became harder, another man can be heard laughing in the background.

It is unclear why the man is trying to teach the dog the alphabet, before hitting him 11 times in the horrific video.

According to reports, the video was filmed in India and has gone viral online.

Elisa Allen, Director at PETA UK told Metro.co.uk the man is a “coward and a bully” who abused the dog to “assert his own pathetic idea of dominance”.

This disturbing video comes weeks after a man burned a puppy alive over an open fire so he could eat its meat.

Horrific footage filmed by his colleague showed the screaming pup battling to stay alive in Jiujiang, China.

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