Young Mom Cooked Alive After Having Luxury Mud Wrap Session On Spa Day

By NewsRoom24 on November 10th, 2017 / Views
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A mum-of-one died after she was ‘cooked alive’ in a luxury mud wrap while on a spa day, an inquest heard.

Chantal Lavigne attended a ‘sweating session’ where participants were required to be covered in mud, then wrapped in cellophane with boxes placed over their heads for nine hours.

The mud wrap was part of a detox seminar called “Dying in Consciousness”.

Ms Lavigne died hours after the session from hyperthermia. She had a temperature of 40.5C according to CBC News.

A normal body temperature is between 36C and 37C.

A coroner said the process would have been similar to being “cooked alive”.

The organisers of the spa in Quebec, Canada, were found guilty of criminal negligence back in 2014.

Gabrielle Frechette was sentenced to three years in jail while her assistants Ginette Duclos and Gerald Fontaine were both handed a two year prison sentence.

The trio appealed their sentence but have today lost their appeal to overturn their convictions.

Justice Patrick Healy said of the appeal: “They [the sentences] are not only within an acceptable range; they are arguably lenient.”

Ms Lavigne took part in the treatment at a farmhouse in a session, which was led by a self-styled therapist.

Sgt Eloise Cossette of Quebec provisional police said at the time: “The treatments consisted of a process of sweating by being all wrapped in plastic and mud, and also with blankets.”

Ms Lavigne, along with another woman, were also encased in cardboard boxes.

The mum-of-two was one of eight people taking part in the exercise.

The group’s practises have been criticised by academics.

Dianne Casoni, a criminologist at the University of Montreal, said: “How is it possible that groups that have so much influence over people and sometimes put them at risk are not more closely watched?

“The problem with these groups is they’re not overseen by any institution or government department.”

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