Wamela.com website down Sept 2018

By NewsRoom24 on September 20th, 2018 / Views

Wamela.com seems to be down and unavailable at the moment.

If any other people have similar issues right now please comment below.


Hey guys,

Please don’t panic.

I have been in contacted by the admins and have been instructed to say the following:

Beware of fake domains. As a general rule, they don’t reuse domain names. Any website using an older name is fake.

Users are safe. They will never be fined or taken legal action on.

Refunds will be issued.

The website has been closed down and will not return.

If you had X days of premium membership remaining and a partial refund will be issued in 7-14 business days.

PS: Beware of fake/phishing sites. They are NOT reopening under another name so DO NOT trust any website saying they are.

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