Jubilee pool in Penzance set to become the UK’s first geothermal heated pool.

By NewsRoom24 on November 8th, 2018 / Views
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Opening Easter 2019 Penzance’s geothermal pool heats up.

Drilling has now been completed to make a geothermal well to draw up water that has been heated deep underground. Cornwall is making its very own Blue Lagoon and over the next 5 months, structural works underneath the pool will be completed. The new Jubilee spa will welcome visitors once again in spring 2019.

The new Jubilee pool has been compared to the natural hot springs in Iceland. Iceland attracts over 350,000 visitors a year and to a certain degree, Penzance is hoping a slice of that will come their way. The new attraction will be a good thing for not just Penzance but the rest of Cornwall as well.

Geothermal heating will mean the pool can stay open all year round, bringing in more money but saving on energy prices. The new sustainable energy will heat other buildings around this must-see attraction.

The forward-thinking project has been made possible by a £1.4 million grant from the European Reginal Development Fund as well as £400,000 from private sector investments. A crowdfunding campaign which raised £350,000 allowed Cornwall to proceed with the project. Any additional money that is raised will go towards heated indoor showers and lockers to provide a more luxurious visit for all.

Dave Boyle from the community shares company has said “We hope that people will see that this project will be hugely beneficial to the area and will forgive the temporary minor disruptions in traffic flow and parking in order to bath all year round and reap the benefits of added visitors to Penzance” The roads are expected to be opened as normal by the end of the year, ready for the pool opening Easter.

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