Netflix-style holiday subscription, is this the new way to travel?

By NewsRoom24 on November 10th, 2018 / Views
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All new travel experience

BRB travel subscription service is offering people who sign up to their 12-month contracts 3 surprise holidays a year. Subscription costs £50 a month which includes flights, hotels and they pick the destination for you. Being described as the Netflix of travel, BRB is designed to make traveling as easy as owning a gym membership.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up to the subscription you pick 3 dates of the year your free to travel, then you’re sent a list of 50 European destinations to chose from, you won’t know where you are going or details of your holiday until a month before you leave, you will find out where you are going via postcard. BRB don’t use hostels and say they only book 3 star plus hotels. There is a discount for couples, all you have to do is sort your insurance and get to the airport. Currently, BRB only runs from London airports.

About the trips

Each holiday lasts 3 days and will be at a destination you’ve previously stated you would like to visit. You also chose what kind of holiday you would like, whether it be a romantic break or a beach holiday. You can invite friends to join you and they can either pay a one-off payment or subscribe for themselves. All holidays are ATOL protected.

About the company

The business was started by travel enthusiasts Greg Geny and Alex Tomlinson after they received £150,000 in March from Founders Factory (who develop business ideas) to get the company off the ground. Their idea is to give people an easy relaxing stress-free travel experience.

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