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Latest weather models show by 30th Nov, UK will be below freezing at sea level during the Day

By BlogKing on November 14th, 2018 / Views
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Temperatures are expected to be -2 across the UK by the end of the month, the model just updated has proven itself to be accurate in these mid term forecasts so be warned this is no hoax!

See the temperature chart below:

This model has been updated by and confirmed tonight at 9pm on 14th Nov. Here is the source link https://goo.gl/rpNtSH

Along with the cold weather fronts are likely to collide with the siberian blast causing snow and ice, again, to sea level. There is no sign of this blocking high moving anytime  soon, odds on a white Christmas have increased and in the bookies they have dropped significantly.

Think about the vulnerable and elderly, we have 2 weeks to prepare, with it getting colder each day from Saturday 17th Nov onwards.

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