Hurricane winds causing carnage as storm Diana continues batter the UK when will it end?

By Jayden Louise on November 29th, 2018 / Views
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Extreme winds and rain have been battering Britain for the last four days causing travel chaos, falling trees, flooding, and power cuts. Oil rig workers have had to be rescued and a danger to life warning has been put in place.

Storm Diana hit the UK last night leaving 40,000 UK homes without power and severe flooding, the worst affected areas being Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the South West. It’s been predicted that in just 6 hours 35mm of rain could fall. Winds in some places will reach 80mph. The met office has issued two yellow weather warnings for high wind and rain covering much of England and Wales.

Trains and planes have been canceled and long delays are expected, Network rail have said “We have put in place speed restrictions as a safety precaution while Storm Diana passes through. Strong winds increase the risk of trees falling on the railway. This is why we manage trackside vegetation continually throughout the year.” Motorists have been told to drive with caution and be aware of the weather conditions and possible surface water on the roads.

Storm Diana should start to calm down tonight but low pressure will hit again tomorrow, things are looking up as next week temperatures are set to be higher with less rainfall.

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