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This looks like your usual Cornish home – But on the inside it’s anything but!

By NewsRoom24 on December 7th, 2018 / Views
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From the outside this seems like an average semi-detached family home on the market for £300,000, but take a look inside and it reveals a very distinct character.

The house has been decorated entirely in purple. From the bedrooms, to the bathrooms, even the floor and ceiling is coloured purple!

But the discreet exterior of the house would give no clue as to what awaits inside. The only purple in sight are few lilac flowers planted in pots by the door.

Now back on Rightmove 2019, which has advertised the bizarre house on its website, describes the pad as having ‘a family-inspired design’.


Every single room in the UK house is decorated in a violent purple.

Literally every room, piece of furniture and decoration fit in the purple theme.

Whoever originally designed the interior didn’t think about any subsequent house owners.

The decor inside of this house was obviously designed with one person and theme in mind.

Even the bathroom and kitchen aren’t safe from this purple haze.

But you might want to if you’d like to pay less than £400,000 for this house.

Thankfully, the exterior was safe from the purple swatch madness.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rightmove’s website doesn’t mention the current owner’s unique decor.

But once potential buyers scroll through the image gallery it becomes pretty clear.

It also says the home is ‘maintained to a high standard’ and a potential buyer is apparently already lined up.

Presumably one who loves purple, or DIY!

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