Being forgetful is now belived to be a sign of higher intelligence according to scientists

By Jayden Louise on December 11th, 2018 / Views
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According to neuroscientists being forgetful could be a sign you are unusually intelligent.

Being forgetful has never been seen as a good thing especially as we grow older, but scientists now believe forgetfulness is a sign your brain is functioning properly and in some cases even better than you would have first thought. A good memory does not equate to high intelligence, the brain is set up to forget some things in order to remember others. In conclusion, forgetting is a big part of what builds intelligence.

How essential is it that we forget?

A new review paper from Paul Frankland a senior fellow in CIFAR’s Child and Brain Development program and Blake Richards, an associate fellow in the learning in Machines and Brains program our brains are actively working hard to forget. The world constantly changes and old information stored in our brains becomes outdated and useless to us. If the brain is full of useless information makes it harder for us to understand and process new information. The ability to forget allows new information to be stored ready to use when needed.

So how is harmless forgetting different from memory loss?

Everyone experiences forgetfulness from forgetting where you put your keys to that celebrity you end up having to google. These are everyday examples everyone experiences and are perfectly normal and healthy. More serious symptoms of memory loss tend to be more visible and occur much more frequently they include things like forgetting the names of everyday objects to getting lost in familiar places.

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