Man calls 999 demanding an ambulance carry out a DNA test on cheating partner

By George Rushworth on January 11th, 2019 / Views
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A man who feared his partner was cheating calls 999 demanding an ambulance be sent to his home to perform a DNA test. The man states he is ringing because his partner has been cheating on him, he is repeatedly asked by the call handler if the patient is breathing. Eventually, the man states everyone is okay but still insists an ambulance attend is property.

The exasperated call handler is heard informing the man that 999 should only be called in an emergency situation and the NHS does not carry out DNA testing on cheating spouses. The caller has been blasted by the ambulance service bosses for wasting valuable time of the emergency services.

The call was made around the new year period when the service is already busier than usual with an increase of nearly a third more calls than the usual daily intake.

A transcript of the call in question:

Operator: Ambulance service is the patient breathing?

Caller: Okay, please. I’m just ringing because my partner has cheated on me.

Operator: Right listen to me is the patient breathing?

Operator: Hello.

Operator: Is the patient breathing.

Caller:  Everybody okay. I want your ambulance to come to my house to go to do a DNA test.

Operator: Excuse me. Why?

Caller: Because my partner has cheated on me.

Operator: Right okay, this is an emergency service, we don’t do DNA tests.

Operator: Sir, listen to me, listen to me, this is an emergency line. We don’t deal with domestic cases. And we don’t do DNA test do I suggest that you speak to somebody else.

Caller: Which number? Can I get a number, please?

Operator: I’ve not got a number for DNA tests I’m afraid. Thank you very much bye.

A North West Ambulance spokesman said, ” Needless to say we did not send this man an ambulance but when we receive calls for anything other than an emergency, it wastes our time and resources.”

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