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Latest Beauty Trend: Extra Long Acrylic Toenails :O

By BlogKing on August 1st, 2019 / Views
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We tend to like to keep our toenails nice and trim. Most of us also prefer when our partners afford us the same consideration of trimmed toenails. Nothing is more enraging or unsexy than when your significant other crawls into bed at night and stabs you with their dagger-like tootsies.

But there is one beauty trend that is making the rounds that may make some of you cringe. People are getting acrylic extensions on their toenails in order to make them longer! While acrylic extensions have always been a thing for fingernails, they’re now extending down to the toes. So if you don’t like your partner having long, sharp toenails then you might be out of luck.

If you go onto different social media sites and search for pedicures, you might catch a glimpse of some of these new works of art.

Some people who’ve partaken in the new trend are showing off toes that only have a little bit of length added so it’s barely even noticeable.

There are others that are going a more traditional route and making sure their fingers and toes match.

But then there’s some that are a worrisome length…

And others that have been taken to the sharp and pointy extreme…

What we want to know is how can shoes possibly be a comfortable fit with toenails that long? Are people not worried about bending or breaking a nail? We can only assume that these lengthy toes are meant for flip-flops only all summer long. They just look excessively unpractical for my taste, but to each their own I suppose.

What do you think of toenail acrylics? Would it be something you would try? Do you know someone who has? What would you do if your significant other came home with them? Let us know.


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