Look at these hilarious place names!

Here are definitely the funniest place names from around the world.

Brest, France

Brest, in Brittany, is a city that welcomes visitors in to her bosom and has a very special castle, the Château de Brest. Only the French would be passionate enough to start naming castles that way!

picture of Brest in Brittany

Poo Beach, Spain

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, a trip to Poo Beach in Spain is sure to relieve your tired spirit, but don’t worry…. there aren’t actually on poos on the beach, or at least they say there isn’t!

picture of Poo Beach

Dildo, Canada

Canada is full of great names for places, conception bay, Crotch Lake and many more could be on this list but Dildo won it for us!

picture of Crotch Lake
Image © haRee

Mount Wank, Germany

This was apparently named after the first person ever got to the top and was majorly disappointed……

photo of Mount Wank

Arsoli, Italy

This is actually much more beautiful than the name suggests!

picture of Arsoli

Fucking, Austria

This was very close to being the best on this whole list, and we would love to know where this name came from!

picture of Fucking in Austria

Brown Willy, United Kingdom

You’d think that with English being our native tongue, we’d be able to escape scot-free on a list of destinations with the rudest names. And yet, this one definitely wins it and even better yet… it’s in Cornwall!

picture of brown willy in Cornwall

A Toddler Enjoyed The Firemen After Locking Himself In The Car – Bude, Cornwall

BRANDON Green, an 18 month old toddler was happily sat in the car while his mother Kirsty, 27, was loading the car boot when Brandon locked the car with the keys inside!
The 18-month-old was having a whale of a time while his concerned mother and a group of firemen and local police worked on getting him out of the car which was parked at a supermarket in Bude, North Cornwall, UK.
Shoppers had come to the aide of Kirsty and she was happy to see the firemen turning up.

Brandon was over the moon as you can see from the photo above taken of him laughing and smiling at the firemen frantically trying to free the toddler.

All was well with and no one was in danger, the weather wasn’t hot so all was looking good, until Brandon found a choke hazard and began to put it in his mouth.


Cheeky Brandon is pictured here with his mum Kirsty. Picture: SWNS/MegaSource:Mega


“That’s when I started to panic, because I thought, ‘Oh God, what if he chokes on it,’” Kristy told The Mirror.

That’s when Brandon’s fun came to an end when it was decided to break the window and pull him out to safety to avoid any further panicked moments.

His mother said as entertained as her son was by the entire incident, the firemen were equally entertained.

As always great work by the men in uniform.


Above: The dangers of hot cars

John Bishop is in Cornwall – He has a rant about bad hotel rooms while on tour: VIDEO

John Bishop played two shows at the Regal Theatre in Redruth, Cornwall, as his 2017 Winging It tour is nearing he is playing warm up gigs around the country.

“I’m on the road doing warm up gigs for me Winging It tour and being away from home is one of the rubbish things about this job,” he said in the 23 second clip.

Some people on Facebook commenting on his video were abusive, not really understanding he is giving Cornwall the biggest compliment.

Watch the video below:




He obviously loves the views across Mawgan Porth beach and you can see why!


‘Longest one ever. Interval song in Redruth, Cornwall with the brilliant#liamjordan #wingittour ?’

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A large pod of Dolphins spotted surfing with Humans today in Cornwall, UK

Taken by gobsmacked Malcolm Barradell, 61, the pod of cocky mammals left beach bums and passersby in awe.

‘They were literally surfing with people. One guy said he saw a dolphin cut under his board. It was just amazing.’
The pod of 15 common dolphins were seen on April 7. Common dolphins are one of four species regular seen around the Cornish coast.
In recent weeks, pods up to 150 strong have been seen on the south coast at Porthleven and off the Lizard peninsula..

Picture: SWNS

Picture: SWNS

Picture: SWNS

Picture: SWNS

Original article from The Metro

Cornwall – Best place in the World


Cornwall – The UK’s secret holiday destination

Cornish winter scenes

Cornwall is just as fantastic in the Winter as it is Summer, just different.

Ancient Forests Revealed In Sand Of Cornwall Beaches

The recent spate of bad weather has revealed numerous ancient forests in several beaches throughout Cornwall & Devon. In Penzance, Geologists believe that remains of extensive forests that stretched across Mounts Bay some 4,000 – 6,000 years ago, were exposed after sand was ripped up by a series of storms that battered the Cornish coastline in the new year.

Remains of other ancient forests can also be seen on Portreath beach and Daymar Bay in Cornwall, aswell as Bigbury Bay in Devon. The storms not only revealed trunks of oak and pine, but also remains of hazel thickets, cob nuts and acorns that have been washed out of streams running across the beaches.

These ancient forests were growing around four or five thousand years ago when the climate was slightly warmer, and reveal evidence of changes as they were submerged with water as the sea level rose.

The stormy weather also uncovered a few more surprises throughout Cornwall and Devon. Wartime explosives and the remains of SS Belhem which sank at Northcott mount Nr Bude have been found, and the Royal Navy also had to remove an unexploded World War II device from Crow Point beach in Devon.

Elsewhere, iron age remains and Romano-British pottery have been found in cliffs and a ditch in Challaborough in south Devon. Tidal movements are expected to cover the ancient forests with sand yet again over the coming weeks.