Google Glass Tells Users Not To Be Weird

Google has issued an ‘etiquette guide’ of things you should and shouldn’t do whilst using its new product ‘Google Glass’. This has been created after an American user was accused of wearing the device whilst driving.

Cecilia Abadie who is a software engineer from San Diego was apparently using her Google Glasses to watch tv whilst driving her car in October 2013. She was handed a ticket for using a ‘visible monitor’ but was found not guilty in court.

The guide advises users that reading long novels such as ‘war and peace’ should be saved for much larger devices, and not to wear the glasses whilst taking part in cage fighting or bull riding.

Users are also advised to take them off if in a posh restaurant or on a romantic dinner date and because wearing Google Glasses could attract attention from strangers, that you should try to be polite when approached and asked questions about them.

Google glass, which is not available to the general public yet, has a thumbnail size transparent display above the right eye, which allows users to take pictures, record video, send messages and do other tasks either by voice command or touch controls.

Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne have been pictured wearing the device, and although not available to buy yet, you can sign up to the Glass explorer program which will allow you to get involved.

You’ll need to fill in a form and also be living in America to be eligible. More info on the Google Glass explorer program can be found here: