15 Real Life Glitches in the Matrix that will blow your mind!

Most of us have had that moment where you’ve spotted something unusual and had to do a double take. But has anything ever made you question whether you were actually in the Matrix?

Here are 15 real life glitches in the Matrix that will blow your mind!

1. Double Twins

2. Same coat, scarf & hat!

3. Tube Duo

4. Girl’s Night Out

5. Dinner Dates

6. Guitar Practice

7. Hilton “Glitch” Inn

8. Even the expressions are the same!

9. Sequence of glitches

10. Elderly glitch

11. Doppelgänger?

12. Can’t tell if fashion trend or another glitch?

13. Double Date

14. The lady in the middle knows what’s going on!

15. Not just people either!

Have you witnessed any Matrix glitches? Let us know!