Global Metro Map – What a New Hyperloop Subway Might Look Like

Sheffield to Sydney on the Global Underground Hyperloop

Imagine if you could get on a train in one country and be taken quick as a flash, underground, to anywhere else in the world – where would you go first?

The idea is known as Hyperloop and it might not be as far fetched as it sounds, with companies the world over trying to make this a reality. From Elon Musk & SpaceX’s Hyperloop Alpha and their recent Pod Contest, to Hyperloop One, companies all over the world are trying to make this crazy idea a reality.

Instead of a regular train, a Hyperloop will blast you inside a special bullet-like capsule. You’ll be sent through a vacuum sealed tube like something from Futurama or The Jetsons (depending on your era!).

Concept Hyperloop Map

This map is a piece of concept art by Mark Ovenden, posted to Flickr by Annie Mole, and it shows what global hyperloop metro might look like:

Hyperloop map

Global Underground Hyperloop Subway Concept

Mark’s book, from which this is taken, is available to buy on Amazon.

Where will you go first?

Hyperloop One want to make three routes a reality over the next five years, connecting cities in individual regions. Eventually those will be connected together to make one giant network that may span the globe.

If (we’re sure it’s if, not when) a Hyperloop train system becomes a reality, where will you go?

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