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We’ve all had one of those days where everything has gone wrong. The car wouldn’t start, you broke your favourite mug, dinner got burnt… but how many of us have had their bike stuck in an electric fence?

A day out in the countryside for these cyclist led to an unusual scenario in which one of them gets their bike caught on an electric fence.

Unfortunately there’s no “life hacks” or “DIY” guides on the Internet that can help these poor souls out of this one!

Here, they’ve given us their own little tutorial that involves a couple of sticks, several minor shocks and a few f-bombs here and there! Thankfully, they manage to free the bike with little injury!

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Thirsty Killer Cobra Is Given Water By Brave Locals

After a period of devastating drought hit southern parts of India earlier this year, this thirsty King Cobra snuck its way into a local village in a desperate attempt to find water. The village locals must have noticed the snake was in distress and, knowing full well that this type of Cobra is not only venomous but also highly aggressive when threatened, they decided to lend a helping hand to their fellow creature.

First, one man took a careful grip of the Cobra’s tail to prevent it from attacking the man with water bottle. Then, the rescuer stepped in front of the snake and splashed some water on the its head to cool the reptile down. What makes this video even more extraordinary is that, when the man reached out with the water bottle to allow the Cobra to take a sip, it didn’t put up a fight and instead drank thirstily from the bottle!

Whilst helping the snake, the man was (very wisely!) holding a snake catcher to protect himself just in case the Cobra decided to launch a sudden attack. Fortunately, the rescue attempt went smoothly and this story has a very happy ending- the snake was later taken to an animal care facility where it is now being looked after by experts.

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What a crazy turn of events and what brave and heroic locals! Would you have done the same?

VIDEO: Disney reveals how EVERY animated Pixar movie is secretly connected!

Are you a Disney fan? Perhaps these movies remind you of your childhood? Perhaps your kids love them now?

We reckon there might be a secret Disney fan in all of us and if not… well we’ve all seen at least some of these movies, but did you know how much they were connected? We didn’t but we do now!

Watch the amazing video below:

Incredible video release!

Just released on Disney Pixar’s Toy Story Facebook page, a new video shows us how intricately their animated fantasy worlds are connected. From Monsters Inc. to Cars to Finding Nemo – the links just keep on coming.

Easter Egg: an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.

Some of the ‘easter egg’ connections are obvious links to other films while others are much more subtle. We’ve been amazed by some of them!

Had you noticed any of them?

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