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Sugar Tax may be Essential for New Generation, speaks Britan’s CMO

By NewsRoom24 on March 5th, 2014 / Views
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Sugar tax may helps to reduce the obesity and other health issues, Dame Sally Davies has said. Government has to take strong decisions with Food and Drink manufactures .Otherwise they won’t ready to reformulate their products, she said to committee of MP’s.

She told she was worried about current generation. Today’s young generation is out of breath by overweight and less exercises. Soft drinks and calorie packed foods have an important role. People should aware about the effects of these foods and drinks and they need further education.

She said “research find sugar is addictive”, and that “we may need to introduce a sugar tax”. Food Industry also believes this will help to reduce sugar in foods.
Sugar tax may helps to reduce the obesity and other health issues
Report says the UK use more than 5,727 million liters of sugared soft drinks a year. Tot up a 20p tax for every liter sold would raise more than £1.1bn the income.

UK’s Health Department has already started working on these issues. They are working with food industries and will make a responsible deal. They believe their work produce effective results. The Department of health spoke person said if food and drink industries failed to take steps, they would adopt other options and were keeping all international evidence under review.

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