Stolen Passport Holder in Malaysia Airlines MH370 has no Terror Link

By NewsRoom24 on March 11th, 2014 / Views
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The identity of the second man who had a stolen passport to get on the flight is still being investigated, Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar told a news conference.

Proficient investigators also could not able to find the solution for exactly what caused flight MH370 to disappear from radar screens nearly four days ago. Experts are investigating all the possibilities including pilot error, plane malfunction, hijacking and terrorism.

Malaysian police released the photos of suspected stolen passport holders

The searching area for the missing jet has expanded outside the flight path and now searching the west peninsular of Malaysia at the Straits of Malacca. That is on the other side of Malaysia from where flight MH370 was reported missing, with search teams now looking in both areas.

A girl lights candles 'Pray for MH370'

Vietnam’s deputy military chief also said he had controlled a land search for the plane up to the border with Laos and Cambodia. Authorities are investing the options that MH370 tried to turn back toward Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Saturday and route to Beijing. Malaysia Airlines states the pilots didn’t send any distress signals, signifying a sudden and possibly catastrophic incident.

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