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SHOCKING: British Man Orders Lover to Drown Her Baby while He Watched Online

By NewsRoom24 on March 12th, 2014 / Views
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A British man, Ammaz Qureshi, appeared in court after he was accused of murder by allegedly urging his Norwegian lover to hold her one-year-old baby’s head underwater while he watched on Skype.

The Mirror reports, Qureshi, is said to have told his 28-year-old lover, Yasmin Chaudhry, to submerge her daughter in a bucket of water to “discipline” the child after she interrupted their online chat. The one-year-old was held under water twice before she lost consciousness.


Chaudhry called emergency services, but the baby girl died in hospital the next day.
The married 35-year-old accountant allegedly had an affair with Chaudhry after being introduced by her brother in London in 2010.


She returned to her home in Norway two months later and maintained their contact online. An Oslo court heard Qureshi encouraged her to torture the child by tying up her arms and legs with rope and forcing her to eat chilli powder while he watched live from the UK.

Shocking_4(Ammaz Qureshi)

For more than a year, Qureshi has been in custody in Oslo. Both of them denies murder, Chaudhry has pleaded guilty to child abuse though.

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