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The White Tree, White Apartment Block with Trunk and Branches

By NewsRoom24 on March 15th, 2014 / Views
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An apartment block known to be The White Tree, the building’s balcony construction is inspired by tree branches, which draw natural light and create an open atmosphere for vegetation.
Construction on the multipurpose 17-storey building is set to start in July next year, expected to be completed by December 2017.
The building, 56 metres tall, will have a penthouse bar offering mind blowing oceanic views of the coast and mountains.
The White Tree offers 120 apartments. The residents get a chance to choose from various units with different floor plans due to structure’s distinct pattern.
The White Tree will become Montpellier’s second expensive, ornamental building.
The ground floor holds a restaurant to welcome people. It will also have pedestrian and cycle paths for residents to mix with the environment.
The building which is 10,000 square metres has a French design and will be built by Japanese architects, hence expected to be a mixed pattern.
The tower will be built between Montpellier’s new and old districts, like a giant white tree with branches like balconies shooting out of the ground.


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