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Awesome Photoshoot at Alps

By NewsRoom24 on October 22nd, 2014 / Views
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Which is the best place to create large-scale photographic works of art ; the sheer cliff wall or snowy, wind-blasted peak of an icy mountain but that’s exactly what a Swiss photographer Robert Bösch does.Mammut, a Swiss mountaineering equipment company decided to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn ridge in the Alps by Edward Whymper and his team asked Bösch to take a special photo to mark the occasion for the brand’s 2015 ad campaign.A team of mountain climbers ascended the Matterhorn’s Hörnli ridge and lit bright red lights that, at dawn, illuminated the path that Whymper took with his team to make the first successful ascent.Bösch photos involve hundreds of mountain climbers braving difficult conditions to get the perfect shot.

Here are those photos and many other incredible feats of mountain photography by Bösch,

alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-1 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-2 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-3 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-5 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-6 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-7 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-8 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-9 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-10 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-11 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-12 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-13 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-14 alpine-mountain-photography-matterhorn-robert-bosch-mammut-15

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