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Art from Flames and Soot, now that’s some Creativity

By NewsRoom24 on November 1st, 2014 / Views
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We have seen many creative artists in our page and we have a chance yet again to keep on counting for the number blessed artists. The new addition is Steven Spazuk, a Canada-based artist who uses candle soot to create elegant drawings. After depositing soot on his canvas he uses pencil and feathers to make a finished drawing.
Nothing ever, even the simplest creations doesnt happen out of a blue. And so Spazuk took 14 years to perfect his sketches.

fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-11_3 fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-11 fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-21 fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-31 fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-31 fire-paintings-soot-art-steve-spazuk-41

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