Anti-Terror Chief Reveals ISIS Are Planning To Attack UK Football Matches And Festivals With Bomb Carrying Drones

By NewsRoom24 on September 9th, 2017 / Views
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IT is “only a matter of time” before ISIS jihadis use a drone to drop a bomb on Brits from the sky, an expert has warned.

Anti-terror chiefs believe extremist engineers have perfected drones capable of carrying a 20kg payload.

Such a machine would be capable of dropping a significant amount of explosives from the air – all the while operated from a remote location.

The revelations, reported in the i, go on to suggest technicians have been able to specially adapt drones available on the high street for less than £1,000.

Former British spook Clive Williams told the paper: “Since IS has been making use of drones as weapons and explosives platforms for a while now, it seems only a matter of time before drones are used for an attack on a passenger aircraft or VIP in one of the coalition member countries.

“The most accessible and vulnerable countries are those in western Europe.”

The warning raises fears that fundamentalists could target heavily built-up areas such as high streets, football matches or music festivals.

ISIS jihadis have already called for drone-borne attacks to be carried out using secretive messaging app Telegram.

One chilling message read: “Whoever can buy a drone that [is] able to carry a bottle of firebomb – let’s do this: Burn a factory, police car, fuel tanks, storages, mall, electricity.”

Embattled ISIS has increasingly set its sights on carrying out jihadist attacks on European soil as it faces defeat in Syria and Iraq.

In recent months, London has seen two deadly knife attacks while a suicide bomb following an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena killed 22 and left hundreds injured.

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