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Everyone Is Removing Their Dogs Collars Indoors After A 5 Month Old Puppy Called Rocco Hung Himself On a Kitchen Door Handle

By NewsRoom24 on October 10th, 2017 / Views
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Tributes flooded in when fellow dog owners heard about the tragic passing of Rocco the Border Terrier at just five months old.

Posted in the Border Terrier Owners group on Facebook, Rocco’s owner, Adrian James, shared the sad news of the passing of his four-legged friend.

‘RIP my little Rocco I’m totally heart broken you had to die in such a horrible way and only 5 months old, GUTTED’ said Adrian. Having seen Adrian’s past posts in the group – Rocco having the time of his life running in the woods and many photos of his antics – several members shared their condolences and asked what happened.

Adrian replied ‘my poor boy caught his collar on a kitchen door handle! He must had been jumping up to get on the work top and fell down catching the collar my poor Mum found him hanging on the door.’

The tragedy hit all members of the group hard and the original post has over 750 comments of condolences and tributes to Rocco and Adrian. But shortly after learning of Rocco’s untimely passing, something very moving happened.

Members of the group began posting photos of their dogs with their collars removed alongside the caption or hashtag #CollarsOffForRocco. The hashtag now has 100+ posts on Instagram too.

Hundreds of members shared these tributes and Adrian was overwhelmed with support. ‘Wow it’s 2.30 am I can’t sleep and I’m just overwhelmed with all your support from far and wide about my ROCCO, border terrier owners I love you for your kindness and loving words.

‘Rocco was my first dog and my eyes are sore from crying that he had to go so soon. Thank you all so much I’m still lost for words.’

Admin of the Border Terrier Owners group, Heidi Batey set up a Just Giving fundraising page in Rocco’s name. All of the money raised will be donated to Border Terrier Welfare, a charity that helps Border Terriers in their time of need.

The page has already smashed its £250 goal, raising a grand total of £5670.10 at the time of writing – 2268% of it’s original goal.

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