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Octopus Returns To Say Thank You To Family Who Saved Him Whilst Walking On The Beach

By NewsRoom24 on October 15th, 2017 / Views
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A family on holiday in the Red Sea made an unusual friend when they rescued an octopus that was stuck in the sand.

The friendly sea creature, who’s been named Kirk ,was discovered whilst they were walking along a beach and came across what they thought was a dead octopus. But after pushing it back into the water, they realised the animal was still alive when it swam away.

They returned back to the beach the following day for another walk, and noticed a shadow in the water coming towards them. They quickly realised that it was the same octopus that they had rescued the previous day.

The family captured footage of the octopus as it followed them along the beach and attempted to touch their feet, as it was as if it was trying to thank them for saving its life.

It seems crazy to think that this animal that they had saved actually remembered them, but it has been proven that octopuses can tell human faces apart, even if they are wearing identical clothing. Octopuses are also known to have long and short-term memory and are very clever.

One thing’s for sure the family do not intend to eat octopus ever again.

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