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We should be PROUD of our NHS Nightingale: World class.. Patients treated with dignity

By BlogKing on April 3rd, 2020 / Views
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Great Britain, a nation pulling together. Nearly 1 million volunteers are offering their help for the national effort to keep our most vulnerable people safe for 3 months, ‘Shielding’

No expense spared in building our new 4000 bed hospital in London – No tented field hospitals here, computers, ventilators and oxygen at each bed, high end fittings and easy to wipe sterile surfaces, all created in 9 days! The following beds will come online over the next couple of weeks.

With nearly 20,000 NHS staff returning to help out, companies changing production lines to produce equipment we need in these unprecedented times for the UK, this is truly a country effort.

Within the EU, instead of helping each other equally, individual countries are keeping stocks and supplies of PPE, not releasing reagents to other countries. If we can take anything from this epidemic, COVID-19 has revealed flaws in a united Europe.

Germany, being a manufacturing hub has had a running start in the fight against this new disease, with testing lab capacity already there, they’ve been ahead of the game in being able to test for coronavirus in huge numbers.

Our Great British spirit and resolve has never been on display more since the war, using our huge pharmaceutical companies ie: GSK and our highly specialised viral testing labs combining efforts to match that of Germany in terms of capacity.

The world is in need of the same equipment, PPE, gloves, masks, face protectors, and clothing, therefore we can’t just buy our way out of the crisis. We have had stories of textile companies changing production to making aprons for the NHS, engineering companies creating new ventilators and general production companies turning their hands to making eye and face protectors, even distilleries making hand sanitiser for GP surgeries and care homes.

We must be proud – We must learn from this. We must produce more of our own essential items as a nation. Non reliance on others for food, medical supplies, PPE and more.

Lets pull together, listen to the advice and stay safe.


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