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Flood Plain Homes: New developments could be blocked

By NewsRoom24 on March 6th, 2014 / Views
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The planning law, which is expected today, could ask developers to follow expert’s opinion to build houses on flood plains.

Planning minister Nick Boles says, they wanted it make harder to build houses on flood plains. Further announcement on changes has expected from planning minister Nick Boles. Councils shouldn’t tolerate with new plans on flooded areas.

As a result of changes, councils are not compelled to take actions accordance with local authority’s new construction plans, if it doesn’t follow national policy.

Developers should pay big attention to expert’s opinions before construction.

Rescue Boat searching for stranded people in town.
People hope the experts will have a major role in flood plain constructions according to new policy. In Previous year around 560 applications were approved for new homes in flooded areas by avoiding expert’s advice. For the past few weeks, the land has been under water where suppose to build new residence. The local inhabitants were against the construction plan in the land, but the plan was approved followed an appeal.

Lately many areas were suffered by flood hits and Longford, near Gloucester, is the worst one. The Prime Minister David Cameron assured to the residents that the new plans should follow the expert’s opinion.

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