Poor Children ‘in cold homes’

By NewsRoom24 on March 7th, 2014 / Views
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According to a new report the Children’s Society claims that nearly 2 million children in poverty are not getting support to keep their homes warm, which provides a £135 rebate on fuel bills. They missed out because the support available is limited for low income families and most of them do not know the scheme exists, the charity found.

It was estimated that 400,000 poor children in London are missing out.

Children in warm homes

The Children’s Society’s chief executive Matthew Reed said: “The huge numbers of children across the UK are growing up in a cold home. The scale of the problem is truly terrible as these figures show. The Government must take action now to settle the issue to move children in from the cold and help stop their parents from having to make this terrible choice between heating and eating”. He also added that the Government by making the Warm Home Discount automatically available to all children living in poverty can give those families a lifeline to help them out of poverty.

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