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Manchester United Fan Has Twitter Account Suspended for Using Official Crest

By NewsRoom24 on March 8th, 2014 / Views
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A Manchester United fan who ran a Twitter account had his account suspended on Monday. His account @ManUtd_Players listed every player who had represented the club.
According to the Manchester Evening News, the @ManUtd_Players account had only 170 followers at the time of its suspension. It is understood that club’s brand protection department weighed in to insist that the logo was taken down because it breached copyright laws.
The account was suspended after twitter wrote to him saying it had ‘received multiple notices for content posted to your account’. The account has returned with a different avatar, a comical sketch of United’s club crest, as its handle.
United said it monitors Twitter for infringements consistently and one such check took place last week.

The club’s website says: “We are dedicated to helping fight the crime of counterfeiting. With our legal team, Trading Standards, Customs and law enforcement officers, we aim to ensure that illegal goods never make it to their planned destination and, if required, counterfeiters are arrested and prosecuted.”

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