Notorious Shower Scene Clip from Psycho Horrifies Children as Young as Nine

By NewsRoom24 on March 18th, 2014 / Views
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An audio clip from the notorious shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960s film Psycho horrified school children as young as nine of the bathroom. The clip was played at Eastfield Primary School, in Hull during a lesson on how to ‘establish mood created by music’.
But Jason is now scared to have a shower and will go to the toilet only if he is allowed to take a plastic sword with him, said Karen Kay, mother of Jaison, from Hull, East Yorkshire. She told the Daily Mail: ‘I am absolutely disgusted and shocked any teacher would feel this is appropriate. Jason has become scared stiff and will not go to sleep on his own. He now feels he has to take his plastic sword and knife with him every time he takes a shower or goes to the toilet. He is always asking an adult to guard the door while he does whatever he has to do in the bathroom. The music to the murder scene is scary and Jason has said the children heard the woman screaming and the body falling in the shower. It’s horrific. This has had a massive impact on the way he thinks and I am furious with the school.’
The school, in west Hull, claims the purpose of the lesson was to ‘establish mood created by music’. It has since apologised and says in the future, it would review the type of music it plays to young children.
 Katie Beal, headteacher at Eastfield Primary School, told the Daily Mail: ‘We have apologised to Jason’s mum and have looked to review the type of music played within lessons in the future. The purpose of the lesson was to establish mood created by music and short sound-only clips of film music were played to children to do this. References to the films including descriptions and any dialogue were not disclosed, although some of the children did try to guess the film.’
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