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Surprise Discovery of Giant Spider in London Eco Worker’s Bag

By NewsRoom24 on March 18th, 2014 / Views
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A giant venomous spider sprang out of an eco-worker’s bag when she returned to London from a charity trip to the jungle in Cameroon. Nora Serrat, 32, found a Huntsman spider on her return from a two week work project in the west-African country. The spider was also clutching an egg sac – containing up to 400 babies. It is commonly found in tropical regions around the world.
“It jumped out of the sleeping mat but we captured it with a carton box,” she said. Nora was unpacking after reaching home from a project specialising in mapping and forest governance for Camden-based charity the Rainforest Foundation UK when she made the discovery.
She was seen trekking with her team into some of the most rural forests. The spider zoologically known as the Heteropoda Venatoria, is found in its natural habitat.

After capturing the creature, they contacted the Zoological Society of London at London Zoo (ZSL) to see if they could accommodate it. And the spider was taken in by the zoo on Thursday evening. It was given a health check and a new home, and was named Hermione.

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