Secret to Beyonce’s Glow is BABY OIL, says her makeup artist

By NewsRoom24 on March 23rd, 2014 / Views
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Make-up artist Francesca Tolot is one of the greats in the make-up industry. She met Beyonce in 2003 on set of Crazy In Love, when she produced that mind blowing ‘wet look’. The two have worked together ever since.
She was talking to Into The Gloss praising the singer all the while. ‘She was very nice; she’s a very approachable and warm person. We hit it off from the beginning. Right away I felt very comfortable, and much appreciated, too, because she loved everything we did.’
Francesca reveals that the secret of Mrs Carter’s incredible glow on stage and camera is in fact just good old baby oil – a huge plus for those who can’t afford a Beyonce-sized makeup kit. Francesca says the two work closely together to create her looks – opting for a much more pared-down, natural look for many of the videos for her new album. Beyonce’s natural beauty means she doesn’t need that much make-up, says Francesca.
She says: ‘There isn’t really a look she doesn’t like. She’s very smart—whatever we do is her project. It’s her. We stopped using lashes quite a few years ago, except for that look in the “Blow” video, when we went for a really ‘70s look. At one point I brought up the fact that I feel that false eyelashes are dated, unless you’re going for the retro look. So I talked to her about that, and she totally agreed.’
 She added: ‘Believe it or not, one of the hardest looks to do was for Cadillac Records when she looked so distressed. Can you imagine- somebody with perfect skin, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, very luminous and happy and full of joy—to make her look so bad?’
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