House Spiders Taking The Piss Now – Latest On The Situation

By NewsRoom24 on September 4th, 2014 / Views
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House spiders across the country are starting to take the piss now, according to homeowners this morning.

With spiders seemingly acting like they own the place, many have spoken of their preference for a time when spiders stayed hidden in the shadows, out of sight.

Home owner Simon Williams explained, “I’m not sure I like these brazen spiders who feels it’s OK to walk across my living room floor in the middle of the afternoon.”

“They should know their place. In the shed.”

“I don’t know what fad diet has hit the spider community, but they all seem massive at the moment.”

“I’m not a fan.”

House spiders everywhere

However a spokespider said they felt it was unfair to expect them to stay hidden forever, explaining, “We’ve been ignored for far too long – we live here too, and we just want to come and go as we please. Is that too much to ask?”


“You might think we’re taking the piss, but really we’ve just decided to stop being so afraid of you.”

“We don’t mean you any harm, but I’d be lying if I said we didn’t find it hilarious to see your reaction to us.”

“The woman who lives in my house literally started crying during X Factor on Sunday, not because of an audition, but because I decided to sit next to her and watch it too. It was hilarious.”

Original Article Source: NewsThump

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