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Tinier it gets, prettier it becomes! Micro art by Mesut Kul

By NewsRoom24 on September 30th, 2014 / Views
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Everyone can draw on big canvas, but only the few can do it on small objects. These are the words from a turkish artist, Mesut Kul, who draw pictures on tiny objects like butterfly wing, rice grain, feather and even a hair- world’s smallest canvas.
His idea of micro art came from inspirational words of a master painter who said innovations in art is needed. He thought he could make the audience curious by making canvas a lot tinier and it worked too. While, we need lenses to see the art, Mesut created it with his naked eye and brush. Now world has become an inspiration for innovations.

Butterfly Cashew Feather Grain of rice Little easel and canvas paintingof the Eiffel Towe Noodles Pocket watch Pumpkin seed Sunflower seed Swan’s feather

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