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Seasons are Really Gods Magic…and the BEST move was the fall of autumn

By NewsRoom24 on October 6th, 2014 / Views
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Autumn comes along with new shades of colours, breeze and fresh smell of rain. Photographer Alex Greenshpun has become very keen to bring this light and feel of autumn into his work. Each of his work seems to be telling some stories. Now it is your turn to absorb these stories in your eyes. I am already in a theatre with platinum tickets!autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-3 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-4 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-6 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-7 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-9 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-10 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-11 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-12 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-15 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-18 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-19 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-20 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-21 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-24 autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-25_2

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