It took 4 years to make this church out of LIVING trees – Look inside :D

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Fancy a living home? Well this guy has made a living church so we’re a step closer!

If you’ve ever visited some of the most famous religious buildings in the world such as Notre Dame or St. Paul’s Cathedral you’ll know first hand how magnificent they look right? But, have you ever been inside a church made from living trees?

Meet Barry Cox, a devout Christian who also just happens to be a very talented designer and artist who runs a tree relocating business. Barry spent a lot of time when he was younger travelling the world and visiting famous churches around the globe.

In 2011, Barry thought his back garden was missing something, and decided to unite his passion of architecture with his skills as a landscaper and set about creating a ‘tree church’.

Using a mechanical tree spade, which removes whole trees from the ground with roots attached, Barry chose cut-leaf alder trees for the roof canopy and copper sheen for the walls, as well as camellia black tie, Norway maple, and pyramidal white cedar, training and trimming their branches around an iron frame:

Over the course of the next 4 years Barry transformed his 3 acres of back garden into something truly amazing, and what was originally meant to be his own ‘retreat from society’, soon turned into a living, 100 seater cathedral built on lush green lawns and complete with labyrinth walk that he designed based on the ancient city walls of Jericho.

The entrance to the church is made to look very warm and friendly, whilst the iron frame gives the building a classic look and shape. The ceiling is made of Laciniata trees, and the walls were built using Leptospernum trees which provide a dark rich colour.

Natural light shines through the canopy of the roof eliminating any need for electricity, and imported marble was used for the altar. It’s the landscape around the building that truly sets it off though, with clever use of flowers, decorative hedges and trails making the property alone a sight worth seeing.

Barry has now opened the Tree Church to the public, and twice a week in fair weather, you can pay a small fee to walk around the grounds. What was once his backyard retreat is also now available for photo shoots, events, and has unsurprisingly become a popular wedding venue.

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