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You won’t believe what Britain’s best boss did for his employees

By NewsRoom24 on May 14th, 2017 / Views
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Luxury holidays to Las Vegas, regular McFlurry fixes and an office transformed into a ball pit is nothing out of the ordinary for employees of travel firm Invasion in Manchester.

Lee McAteer, who runs the firm, wants his office to be the ‘most fun in the country’, believing that a happy workforce makes a productive one.

The team at Invasion enjoy regular fast food feasts including pizzas, burgers and ice cream to keep up their morale.

Surprise trips abroad include Mr McAteer taking ten members of staff on a road trip to  the US, stopping at New York and Atlantic City before ending in Vegas.

Previously, Invasion HQ was decorated with huge movie statues, including a Star Wars Stormtrooper, Sully from Monsters Inc and a life-sized Bart Simpson, much to the enjoyment of employees.

Britain’s best boss was most recently in the limelight for transforming his entire office into a massive ball pit. The self-confessed ‘big kid at heart’ filled the workspace with over 250,000 brightly coloured plastic balls.

It took them between 3am and 8am to fill the space, but Mr McAteer claimed that his workforce was well and truly gobsmacked and loved the surprise. He said:

‘I believe if you enjoy your job then you never work a day in your life – so I try and make the office as fun as possible. We wanted to reward the guys for all their hard work, and we like to do things a little differently.’

His generosity does not stop there.

Mr McAteer rewarded the office apprentice with a VIP trip to Magaluf for him and all his friends, after winning an award for being one of the best trainees in the country.

Staff are certainly happy at their workplace, with Marketing Manager Ross saying ‘Lee’s amazing, we’re always having fun and he’s always taking people away. He’s a great guy to work for, and he’s always going the extra mile for people’.

Although not all bosses may be so generous, there’s certainly an argument for such techniques improving productivity within the workplace.

Will you make the suggestion at your next meeting? Good luck!

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