Will It Be The Biggest Landslide Victory Since Margaret Thatcher For The Conservatives?

By NewsRoom24 on June 8th, 2017 / Views
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According to last minute polls, Theresa May’s conservatives are set to win the general election by the biggest landslide victory since Margaret Thatcher.

Tories are winning 44% of votes compared to Labour’s 34%, which should give them a majority of 74 seats. Other polls have Mrs May winning with a smaller majority, whilst one poll also asked voters which person they preferred as Prime Minister.

Given the choice between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, 51% said they would be relieved if Mrs May won, and 55% said that they would be worried about Brexit negotiations if Jeremy Corbyn won the election.

It’s not all smelling of roses for the Conservatives though, as 51% of people said they would be more concerned for the family’s future under Mrs May’s leadership, while respondents were split 50-50 when asked whose victory would leave them feeling delighted.

The outcome of the election most certainly depends on the turnout of 18 to 25-year-olds, who largely support Labour. Who do want to be standing outside no 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister this Friday?

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