Watch Dramatic Footage Taken By Woman Who Was Trapped INSIDE The Grenfell Tower Fire

By NewsRoom24 on June 15th, 2017 / Views
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Dramatic footage that was posted via Facebook live, shows residents inside Grenfell Tower panicking as they realise that they are trapped inside their flat on the 23rd floor, as fire rages through the building.

In the clip, which was filmed at around 1:40 AM you can hear a woman screaming: “Hello, hello, come here’.

She later cries: ‘We’re stuck on the 23rd floor. Hello? There’s too many people stuck upstairs.’

You then hear family and friends urging the woman to shut the door of her flat as other residents can be seen outside trying to get away. A few people rush into the woman’s flat and go out onto the balcony in an attempt to get away from the smoke and flames.

Picking up the phone, the woman is heard saying: ‘The police are telling us to get out. The whole building is on fire and we’re on the floor above. How are we going to get out?’

Another woman urges her to shut the door as she has young children inside, she then begins to pray. It is not understood whether the people in the footage made it out safely.

In total 12 people have been confirmed deceased, and around 74 people are being treated in hospitals for various injuries.

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