Bailiffs & Police Evict Over 30 Travellers Caravans From Village Green Amongst Protests About Their Human Rights

By NewsRoom24 on August 18th, 2017 / Views
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THIS is the tense moment a group of travellers were evicted after bailiffs put their two-week stay in a public field to an end.

The travellers were heard yelling “where are our human rights?” as bailiffs and cops kicked them off Knowle Green, Staines, yesterday morning.

Police officers also arrived at the scene yesterday morning to ‘keep the peace’ IMAGE: ALAMY NEWS

Eyewitnesses claim those at the green were from the Adas Farm travelling community, who arrived on August 4.

They had stayed more than a fortnight before the authorities got involved.

A cop stands at the scene discussing the eviction of the travellers with a colleague. IMAGE: ALAMY LIVE NEWS

Officers arrived yesterday having just issued a warrant under Section 51 the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Cars owned by the travellers began filling up with luggage and belongings after council staff and cops arrived. IMAGE: ALAMY LIVE NEWS

It is claimed that 30 caravans were at the site during the stay – many housing young kids.

A cop told locals they were there “to keep the peace” as the eviction got underway.

But one traveller said: “This is terrible, where are our human rights? The council must up their game and provide us with land, we are willing to pay rent.”

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