Public Health Refuse To Name And Shame Supermarket At Centre Of Hepatitis In Sausages Row

By NewsRoom24 on August 22nd, 2017 / Views
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Public Health England have been criticised after they chose not to name a British supermarket which may have infected thousands of people with Hepatitis.

Shoppers may have been infected with the Hepatitis E virus after consuming pork products from a particular supermarket.

But we won’t know which one because the government body has chosen not release it.

ICYMI, Public Health England warned over the weekend that the virus could have been unintentionally transmitted to thousands of people through pork products from Europe.

It comes after researchers analysing the shopping habits of 60 patients infected with the virus found that they all frequently consumed sausages and ham from one store.

It also found that imported pork products infects an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 British people a year with the virus.

Revealing the findings in a report published last month, PHE said the virus strain was not detected in British pigs, meaning that it could be a result of eating products made outside the UK.

They stressed that ‘this does not infer blame on the supermarket’, which they named as ‘Supermarket X’.

he decision not to name the supermarket has since sparked outrage from the public who say they have a ‘right to know’.

Ken Koi referred to the whole thing as the ‘biggest scandal’ while Dave Manton wrote: ‘Really do think this “unnamed” supermarket should be named!!

Not for a blame or claim game but so people know if they need to be checked out.’

One person added: ‘PHE_uk needs to come clean and inform the public now.’

The comments come following claims the supermarket is Tesco.

If infected with Hepatitis E, you can suffer liver cirrhosis and neurological damage, which can result in death.

Symptoms include vomiting, fever, yellowing of the skin and loss of appetite. contacted Tesco for comment but they neither confirmed nor denied the claims when approached by other news outlets.

They reportedly said they take care to look into findings such as these.

Public Health England has also been approached for comment.

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