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Lydia becomes the First to Cross the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

By NewsRoom24 on March 10th, 2014 / Views
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A great white shark is just days away from Britain as per the tracking mechanism. Lydia, a 14 1/2-foot, 2,000 pound shark, is swimming across the Atlantic Ocean. She has managed to cross the mid-Atlantic ridge. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) is a ridge found along the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.


Lydia is the first of her species known to cross from one side of the ocean to another. She is just 780 miles (1,255km) off the coast of Cornwall and Ireland in the Atlantic Ocean, moving closer to the UK and Republic of Ireland. Last week it was predicted that the deadly-predator would arrive in British waters today, but Lydia having journeyed further north makes her the most northerly tagged great white shark ever tracked too.


Lydia was captured and tagged by scientists working for nonprofit Ocearch project off the coast of Florida for monitoring sharks to learn about their movements. Shark biologist Ian Fergusson tweeted: ‘WhiteShark Lydia pinged in on the other side of MidAtlanticRidge! Welcome to the history books, #Lydia,’ while Chris Fischer, who is involved in the project, tweeted: ‘#Lydia turns E toward #UK continuing first doc Trans/Atl migration n hist!’

Lydia’s journey to north and east came as a surprise to researchers. It is impossible to predict the direction of her journey, scientists say.

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